Designated Safeguarding Lead Support & Advice

It is recommended that at least one person in your organisation is a “Designated Safeguarding Lead”. This person will take the lead on safeguarding for your organisation. If you are struggling with this, then AJS Consultancy can offer this service to support you with this role, whether to cover absences or simply you feel you need more Designated Safeguarding Leads for your organisation.

Support on Offer:

  • AJS Consultancy can offer support as a Designated Safeguarding Lead and support around being the first point of contact for all staff and volunteers to go to for advice if they are concerned about a child or young person (this may also need to be out of hours)
  • AJS Consultancy can support by ensuring that the organisations safeguarding policy is kept up to date and complete
  • Support can be provided to assist in information regarding concerns and decision making about whether the concerns are sufficient enough to notify Social Services, LADO or the police or whether other courses of action are more appropriate
  • Records will be logged and held confidentially
  • AJS Consultancy are responsible for promoting a safe environment for children and young people

It is not the responsibility of the Designated Safeguarding Lead to decide whether a child has been abused or not, that is the responsibility of statutory agencies such as LADO, Social Services or the police. However keeping children safe is everybody’s business and AJS Consultancy want to offer this support to promote and help others understand who to go to and how to report any concerns they may have about a child being harmed or at risk of being harmed.