Full Mock Inspections

Full Mock Inspections: If homes are struggling or just wanting to be one step ahead –  Support Organisations to increase their inspection ratings

As legislation and legal requirements face continual change it does leave some organisations struggling to meet or in particular achieve any “Outstanding” status during an Ofsted inspection. With this in mind and having worked within the sector for many years, AJS Consultancy can offer Full Mock Inspections, to help you prepare for when Ofsted visits your homes.

Completing a Full Two Day Mock Inspection will:

  • Reduce the risk of receiving an “Inadequate” or “Requires Improvement” rating at your next full inspection.
  • Reduce the risks of being removed from any framework or children being placed elsewhere.
  • Reduce the risk of your homes receiving unnecessary requirements and recommendations at Inspection.
  • A Mock inspection will help you to ensure that your forthcoming Ofsted inspection is a successful event and that self-evaluation is effective in identifying areas for development.
  • Mock Inspections provide evidence of self-reflective practice, monitoring and quality improvement, a key area observed in inspections.

As detailed in the Regulation 44 service on offer, the Full Mock Inspection will inspect on all areas in the Standards (as listed) and covers the criteria of:

  • The Overall Experiences and Progress of Children and Young People
  • How Well Children and Young People are Helped and Protected
  • The Effectiveness of Leaders and Managers

The above areas will be reviewed and will be detailed in a comprehensive report.

Feedback will be provided once the Full Mock Inspection has been completed, and any follow up support and guidance can be made available.