Independent Return Home Interviews for Children & Young People

In line with regulations, requirements and legislation for any child or young person whom goes “Missing from Care” should have a Return Home Interview within the legal time-frame of 72 hours. This is the legal responsibility of placing authorities, but is also the responsibility or providers to ensure these are followed up to ensure they take place. This is not always being met due to varied reasons but normally due to no fault of the homes. Due to this it is being picked up during Ofsted Inspections.

AJS Consultancy appreciate that children and young people, placed out of borough this becomes a difficult tasks to achieve. Therefore, AJS Consultancy can offer Independent Return Interviews, whereby the independent consultant can meet with children and young people within 72 hours of their return home.

The Return Home Interview will be an open and honest conversation with the child or young person. It provides an opportunity to hear about why they went missing and to understand the risks and issues faced while they were missing, such as exploitation.

The process of these interviews is to effectively safeguard the child or young person and to try to minimise any future risks and occurrences.

Confidentially and trust is key but this agreement will be made clear to the child or young person, for example if they allege or disclose anything, they will be reminded that this information if putting them at risk needs to be shared with relevant parties and this is ultimately to safeguard them from future risk. It will be agreed what will be feedback with the child/ or young person.

AJS Consultancy will support agencies to complete follow up action if appropriate with the child or young person so help can be offered to support them to deal with the issues that cause them to go missing or other risk factors that occurred whilst they were missing.