Management Mentoring


As organisations progress and expand it can become all the more difficult to support, guide, coach and mentor the new manager’s in post. AJS Consultancy can provide this consultancy as a manager’s mentor for those in the residential care sector.

AJS Consultancy can offer a full support package, to support, guide, coach and mentor new or manager’s struggling in their roles. AJS Consultancy can tailor make the package you need based on the requirements of the manager’s developmental needs. Tell us, what the requirements are and we can provide this on as many numbers of days a week you think is necessary to offer the required support needed.

AJS Consultancy can offer:

  • Tailor made support packages.
  • Leadership and coaching in children’s homes management to ensure best outcomes and overall experiences for children and young people.
  • Mentor and support the Manager in role of best possible performance to improve standards in the home.
  • Guide and support around effective time management and the importance of effective delegation.
  • Support manager’s to support their teams to improve and enhance child care practices.
  • Support manager’s to understand the full responsibility of the role.
  • To support the manager to get the team on side – understand each individual.
  • Support managers around the underpinning philosophy and policies of their organisation.
  • Support and guide on how to improve Ofsted inspection results.
  • To achieve the best possible outcomes for the children and young people, and ensure the home is managed efficiently and effectively so as to provide quality care.