Regulation 44 inspections

AJS Consultancy offers monthly comprehensive Regulation 44 inspections, to support organisations to meet the regulatory requirements as stipulated in the Children’s Homes Regulations 2015.

Regulation 44 – (1) The registered person must ensure that an independent person visits the children’s home at least once each month.

AJS Consultancy will during each inspection period be impartial and offer support and guidance to make any relevant and required improvements. Each visit will be measured against the Children’s Homes Regulations and Quality Standards.

AJS Consultancy will seek your support during the inspection process and any areas of improvements will be fed back during each visit.

During the Regulation 44 visits the following areas will be reviewed and will be detailed in a comprehensive report:

  • Review the previous Regulation 44 inspection report and any recommendations made during this visit.
  • The Quality and Purpose of Care Standard (See Regulation 6)
  • The Children’s Views, Wishes and Feelings Standards (See Regulation 7)
  • The Education Standard (See Regulation 8)
  • The Enjoyment and Achievement Standard (See Regulation 9)
  • The Health and Well-Being Standard (See Regulation 10)
  • The Positive Relationships Standard (See Regulation 11)
  • The Protection of Children Standard (See Regulation 12)
  • The Leadership and Management Standard (See Regulation 13)
  • The Care Planning Standard (See Regulation 14)
  • Evaluation – including an overall summery and recommendations
  • Registered Manager’s and Responsible Individual views and feedback
  • Each report will be completed within the required timescale and sent to:
  • Ofsted
  • Upon request, the local authority for the area in which each home is located
  • The placing authority for each child The registered provider and if applicable the registered manager and Responsible Individual